Stratton’s Ambition

Did you know that Stratton has become one of the most recognized institutions for High Networth Individuals and that we are being appreciated by our clients overseas?

Stratton was only a dream that has turned into reality. In a few years from now we will be acquiring a bank overseas, we are determined to be a financial institution providing private banking facilities.

We at Stratton believe, no matter how much technology may strive every person needs that human touch and we will always be there to cater to those clients, old school banking will never go out of style.

Our Stratton Visa card has created a significant wave in the market for High Networth Individuals and we now have 17 of the most important individuals in our books, these clients have become more like family and we are further investing more of their funds providing new opportunities and bringing in new franchises to the UAE market.

All we can say is we are grateful and honored to be where we have reached, it’s still a long journey but eventually, we will get to our ambitions.

Once again follow your dream and never give up hope. Don’t let success come into your head, stay humble and treat people right, results will speak in time to come.

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