Company Setup

Company Setup in Dubai

Understanding the significance of establishing a legitimate company structure is important for determining its future success, a principle well grasped by Stratton. The UAE stands out as a global hub, attracting clients and investors with its business-friendly policies. The initial phase of setting up a company is crucial, ensuring alignment with specific business needs, an aspect where many fail, consequently impacting business continuity.

In contrast, Stratton excels at understanding client requisites from the outset, tailoring activities and banking arrangements to suit future transactions. Offering streamlined Mainland and Free Zone company setups with minimal documentation, Stratton prioritizes efficiency, particularly emphasizing Turnaround Time.


The company setup process with Stratton unfolds in several steps:

1. The client selects a trade name for the license.
2. Necessary documents, including passport copies, bank statements, and utility bills (as proof of address) are obtained
3. The client can choose up to three business activities under the same trade license.
4. Completion of KYC documents, which can be done online, without the client’s physical presence in the UAE.
5. Compliance review of submitted documents, followed by the initiation of the setup process, taking 10-15 working days.


Upon successful company establishment, Stratton extends its services to include employee VISAs, Establishment cards, and Employee Emirates IDs, facilitating the hiring process for the client’s company.