Stratton Advisory & Brokerage, a premier family office dedicated to elevating the financial experience for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Our exclusive suite of services includes the prestigious Stratton Visa Card, seamless Bank Account openings for non-residents, specialized Company Setups, tailored Mortgage Facilities, Passport Facilities, and Real Estate Investments. At Stratton, we redefine financial services for discerning clients, blending expertise and innovation to meet the unique needs of the elite. Welcome to a world where your financial aspirations find exceptional support.

Stratton Visa Card stands with 51 High Net Worth Individuals clients on board with a portfolio of USD 98 Million Dollars.


At Stratton, our mission is to empower High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) by delivering unparalleled financial solutions and personalized services. We are committed to exceeding expectations, providing seamless access to global opportunities, and fostering long-term success for our esteemed clients.

Stratton envisions a future where financial empowerment knows no bounds. We strive to be the premier family office, recognized globally for our innovative solutions, unwavering commitment to excellence, and the transformative impact we bring to the lives of High Net Worth Individuals. Our vision is to be the trusted partner in realizing and safeguarding the financial aspirations of our clients, setting new standards for bespoke wealth management in a dynamic and interconnected world.


Choose STRATTON for unparalleled expertise honed over 20 years in the banking sector, a deep understanding of Dubai’s market dynamics, and a mastery of global banking infrastructure and company setups. Our commitment to ethics and confidentiality ensures that High Net Worth Individuals trust us with their most sensitive financial endeavors, making us the top choice for those who demand excellence. Additionally, we believe in diversification, ensuring that portfolios are robust and resilient by not putting all the eggs in one basket.

Ali Hussain

Director / Founder

STRATTON’s Director/Founder ALI HUSSAIN comes with a wealth of experience and has more than 20 years of experience within the UAE’s banking sector. The idea behind STRATTON was to create a very private banking atmosphere and create a family office, which caters to all the requirements as High Networth client would require/desire. We look into the finest details of advisory and manage the client’s portfolio to only resolve issues and create a wealthy portfolio. We don’t sell ideas we take initiatives.

STRATTON ADVISORY & BROKERAGE started off like any small company and has now created a name within the competitive market and has gained the trust of its clientele. Stratton stands at a portfolio of USD 500 Million dollars of High Networth individuals from around the world. Stratton has recently opened its new Flagship branch in MONACO and is now in the process of being a bank to serve our clients in the changing world.

Having more than 20 years of experience within UAE’s banking and real estate industries, we pride in the leverage of extensive industry knowledge and analytical insights to help our clients achieve successful transactions.

Our goal is simple, we aim to work alongside our clients maximizing their returns using our expert guidance and leveraging our strategic alliances as well as connections in the industry.

Ivan Barbuto

Chief Executive Officer

Dubai based investment platform Stratton Advisory and Brokerage has appointed IVAN BARBUTO as the CEO of its real estate division. Ivan is specialized in asset management and real estate luxury investment for over 18 years.

“Understanding our investors is just the start. We also invest in understanding dynamic financial landscapes, both from a macro and micro perspective. We seek ever-further insight into markets and industries in order to leverage opportunity. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our partners – who provide our investors with unique market intelligence – allowing us to invest for them with integrity and transparency in order to deliver the best outcome.”

Fund Management manages a number of real estate funds to meet the needs of its retail and institutional clients, with a combined asset value. We place a high priority on serving retail clients with real estate investment products and sees further growth opportunities in the real estate funds market.