“Our Network and Expertise along with our Alliances enable Stratton to understand and place the Client’s requirements based on their Credentials, therefore, providing a one-stop solution for their needs.”

(Non-Resident) Managing account openings for non-resident clients for individuals and offshore companies. Ensuring a one-stop solution for our foreign investors and high net worth

(By Invitation Only) This One Million Dollar Prepaid Card is meant for High Net-Worth Individuals from across the World. – Prepaid card that can

For us, it’s not just selling an investment, but making the return on investment and advising our clients for the best possible opportunity within

Choosing Citizenship by Investment Program for Peace of mind, Security & Travel freely to every corner of the World. One country and one passport

Stratton takes company setups very seriously as this determines the future of the client’s business. UAE has clients/ Investors coming from across the world

(Non-Resident) We assist our clients both Resident and Non-UAE Residents to avail banking facilities for mortgages. We assist our clients both Resident and Non-UAE